Buena Park, CA. (March 31, 2016) Today, Motegi Racing, a well-respected producer of high- quality, cutting edge racing wheels for formula and sports car racing, introduces an exclusive alloy forged wheel designed specifically for Formula E. Following the changes made to the technical regulations on Formula E vehicles, Andretti Formula E Team and NEXTEV TCR partnered with Motegi Racing to generate a solution that would not only help to reduce the unsprung weight of the cars, maintaining superior rigidity under cornering force, but also improve tire and brake performance through heat management.

Motegi Racing engineers had clear design objectives. Most obvious was to reduce weight to the minimum allowed by the series regulations to improve efficiency of the powertrain and acceleration. Equally as important was to actually reduce the air flow through the wheels to increase the brake temperature and improve tire performance at high temperatures. The engineering team also partnered with Michelin, the official tire supplier, to ensure acceptable tire mounting pressure levels and to support the necessary tire temperatures to maximize grip for high-speed cornering.

“We see this technical partnership in Formula E with teams of the caliber of Andretti Formula E Team and NEXTEV TCR, as well as our friends at Michelin tires, as part of our growth at the highest level of global motorsports,” said Jody Groce, president of Wheel Pros, LLC. “Formula E is a challenging platform that allows our engineers the opportunity to understand the key factors affecting performance of electric vehicles. It is one of the most relevant testing grounds in racing for technologies that can be immediately transferred to our customers in the aftermarket segment.”

The wheel developed for Formula E is based on the race tested Motegi TechnomeshTM design that has been raced successfully at all levels of GT and prototype racing. The creation of the wheel begins with the forging of a billet made of a proprietary 100% recyclable alloy, known internally as “60XX.” Completely produced of environmentally safe materials, the result is an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio wheel design that enhances acceleration and cornering rigidity. This proprietary alloy and wheel design allows Wheel Pros to unleash new possibilities in the wheel industry.

“From the start of our racing program with Wheel Pros, the main objective was clear to be a driving force and leader in the racing wheel industry, thinking creatively and exploring areas where our competitors were not looking,Luigi Lucaora, Technical Director of Wheel Pros Motegi Racing, comments. “When allowed by the series regulations, we were able to replace forged magnesium with 60XX as the choice metal to make high-performance, lightweight wheels. This feat is a great success for us because we can provide our technical partners in racing with new budget-friendly options and we can begin implementing 60XX into our line of street wheels, therefore bringing to the market one of the most important technical developments in the wheel industry of recent years.”

About Motegi Racing and Wheel Pros:

Through technical partnerships with leading professional racing teams in sport car and open wheel racing including F1, Motegi Racing Competition and High Performance Tuning wheels are designed and engineered for performance. Motegi Racing is a Wheel Pros brand. Wheel Pros products are sold worldwide in more than 20 countries on four continents and through a U.S. network of more than 10,000 active dealers. It is one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded custom wheels, performance tires and related accessories for cars, SUVs and light trucks. 

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