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Motegi Athlete Fredric Aasbo Kicks Off 2022 Formula Drift Season in Long Beach
April 5, 2022

Motegi Athlete Fredric Aasbo Kicks Off 2022 Formula Drift Season in Long Beach

Motegi athlete and defending series champion, Fredric Aasbo, has once again showcased his “flat-out” driving style in true Motegi fashion. The reigning champ entertained a sold-out Long Beach audience this past weekend, marking yet another Formula Drift appearance and kicking off an exciting 2022 season.

Riding high off a wildly successful 2021 season, Aasbo and the Papadakis Racing team effortlessly prevailed through each round until a semi-final snafu removed him from winning contention. The signature gold and black Rockstar Energy Supra flowed through its drift lines with seamless execution and grace, while relying on its Motegi branded race wheels to withstand the abuse of the two-day event.

Aasbo placed seventh during qualifying but made quick work of the competition with this methodical drift lines and driving prowess. Aasbo defeated fellow Norwegian Simen Olsen in the opening round and went on to face Jhonnattan Castro in his all-new Toyota GR86. After an intense head-to-head battle – resulting in seemingly identical runs – the judges called for a one-more-time rematch. The result was a second-round clinch by Aasbo after an untimely technical issue plagued Castro’s GR86.

Aasbo went on to defeat Chelsea DeNofa in a three-up, three down masterclass exhibition – earning his position in the Final 4 against Matt Fields. However, while in the chase position, Aasbo made contact with Field’s car in the first turn and effectively ended each driver’s chance in the final round.

“I thought Field would be faster. I needed to stay with him and so I was very close – too close – and that was my mistake,” said Aasbo. In true sportsmen etiquette, the returning champ expressed his sincerest apologies to his competitor. “I feel really bad about it, not only for mangling Matt’s car, but also losing that battle,” commented Aasbo.

“It’s a delicate balance because when you’re rubbing bumpers, you’re a hero. A few more inches and it all goes wrong,” said Stephen Papadakis, team owner. “But at the level these drivers are competing, you have to commit and go for it every round.”

Despite his semi-final misfortune, Fredric Aasbo has once again proven himself as a champion-tier competitor. With Round 1 in the books, Papadakis Racing and Motegi are ready for an exciting and action packed 2022 season.

For more information on Formula Drift and the 2022 season, visit: https://www.formulad.com