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New MR139 Is Subaru Inspired
January 23, 2018

New MR139 Is Subaru Inspired

January 23, 2018

Designed for the outdoors and unveiled at the recent SEMA Show on an LP Aventure-built overland Subaru, the MR139 is a new cast aluminum wheel from Motegi Racing.

The full-face, rally-inspired wheel is available in 15, 16 and 17 inch sizes and was built with Subaru Crosstrek owners in mind. It is load rated to handle some off-road use and designed to handle varied conditions including snow, mud, and sand.

It is offered in white, satin black and a classic rally gold.15, 16 and 17-inch sizes, with a billet center cap and the Motegi “M” cast into the face.

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