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Ferrari Challenge North American Recap From Laguna Seca
May 13, 2019

Ferrari Challenge North American Recap From Laguna Seca

Scuderia Corsa enjoyed an event-filled weekend at its Ferrari dealerships home track, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, for Ferrari Racing days featuring Round Three of Ferrari Challenge North America, Ferrari XX Programe and Ferrari F1 Clienti.

The Scuderia Corsa drivers reveled in racing their Ferrari 488 challenge cars around the iconic 2.24-mile track as well as partaking in only North F1 Clienti Ferrari Racing Days weekend in North America.

The team kicked off the weekend on a high note with superb performances by drivers on Saturday, earning top honors in Coppa Team Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Ladies Coppa Shell. Scuderia Corsa returned to the track Sunday with the same vigor once more receiving top honors in Coppa Ladies Coppa Shell and Coppa Team.

Cooper MacNeil dominated in Trofeo Pirelli driving from pole position straight to the win. Thomas Tippl showed true consistency in Trofeo Pirelli qualifying and finishing fourth in Race One and finishing third in Race Two.

Lisa Clark continued her season long success streak, landing on podium both days in Coppa Shell AM, finishing third and achieving top honors in Coppa Lady. Joe Sposato joined in the Coppa Shell AM celebration experiencing tremendous success on Sunday battling to finish first in Coppa Shell AM.

Mark Fuller, Neil Landberg, and Eric Martson demonstrated an exemplary understanding of the 11-turn track. They piloted the slick terrain and tight turns to run consistent times all the while immersing themselves in the rich Ferrari culture surrounding them.

In the Ferrari Club Challenge, drivers have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a racing weekend without actually competing but learning and improving their racing skills. Bo Hu and Alex Soltani both displayed a deepened sense of confidence and pace in the car.

For Team Owner Giacomo Mattioli there is great pride in the team’s success at a brilliant hometrack event.

“It is always a great weekend when we get to race at home,” Mattioli said. “Seeing the supportand enthusiasm from Ferrari Silicon Valley clients and friends whom joined us in a rally from the dealership is always special. All our drivers this weekend showed terrific ability and had a gooddeal of fun getting to experience all that Ferrari has to offer”
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