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Vehicle Spotlight: Jem’s Track-built 2003 BMW M3 on Motegi MR148 CS13
January 27, 2022

Vehicle Spotlight: Jem’s Track-built 2003 BMW M3 on Motegi MR148 CS13

As enthusiasts, we aspire and crave to push the boundaries of our passion. From big builds and show cars, to street rippers and modified dailies, there is always a yearning for more improvement. But what happens when the car you’ve lusted for, worked for, and finally acquired ends up in your lineup? Too precious to build? Too nice to track? Or maybe, too nostalgic to pull the trigger on mods… Well, as an enthusiast, you’ll find a way. Just like Jem.

Meet his E46 M3; It’s a car that was hard-earned, patiently waited for, and self-rewarded after years of determination and dedication.

As Motegi lore will have it… we were there from the beginning. From stop light to stop light early import street drags to developing race wheels, we have been a keystone in the subculture, grassroots tuner days of yore and so has Jem. After years of earning his stripes chasing the meet-to-meet drags in an E30 in the mid 1990s Jem arrived at his archetypal Bavarian poster child in 2015.

Coming from a European automotive family, Jem was highly influenced and introduced to the quirky, maintenance ridden world of BMWs after purchasing (at the time) a scene-outsider E30 struggling to find its ranks amongst the myriad of Altezza lit Hondas and DSMs from the heyday of import culture. After years of getting dirty in the streets Jem pursued his passion of owning an E46 M3 – a car he once considered an unobtainable pipe dream.

“My first paycheck that I got as a fulltime firefighter I went and bought an E46 M3. It was a reward for my dedication for schooling, the academy, and the grueling process of becoming a firefighter. It was a nice reward for the hardwork,” says Jem.

Originally intended to be a tasteful street car, Jem’s penchant for track bike racing landed him at his first tour around Auto Club Speedway in the M3 – solidifying him and his M3 as fast lap junkies for years to come.

“I wanted to track the M3 but I was reluctant that it was going to break, and have more issues, but I gave in to my bike friends and here we are.” Says Jem.

 Contrary to the livery, this E46 was wrapped in Matte Orange prior to this track days. Only after Jem’s dedicated pursuit to becoming a force to be reckoned with on the track did he decide to go full bore with the satin blue bumpers, 3-pc spoiler, roll cage, and race seats.

“It’s a great platform in N/A form for the track. It’s a great car to develop and learn on. I’ve grown as a driver and progressed with this setup. You unlock a lot of characteristics with the M3 in naturally aspirated form,” says Jem.

 Jem is no stranger to high horsepower cars with adequate torque. Since his obsession with BMWs, he has amassed roughly six blue-and-white logos, including three M-edition vehicles. His F80 M3 was featured at the renowned SEMA show in 2018, standing as his new-found legacy to the BMW world.

See how the Motegi MR148 CS13 in 18×9.5 et45, ornament the E46 M3 with a sense of attitude and performance-focused style. Jem’s build is a perfect balance of the Motegi spirit: flawless style execution with racing roots.

“I’m not an artist, I’m not a painter, I don’t draw, but I have a good vision for what is aesthetically looking good and appealing to the eye. To me, a car is my canvas, and it’s how I can express my creativity,” says Jem.


Brakes / Suspension

  • AST suspension coilovers
  • Performance friction brake kit Front
  • Performance friction brake kit Rear
  • Sub frame reinforcement
  • Turner sway bar


  • AIM solo 2 DL
  • Fire extinguisher with cage mount
  • IRP shifter and DSSR
  • Sparco circuit 2 seat (driver)
  • Sparco rev 2 seat (passenger)
  • Schroth harness (driver)
  • Schroth harness (passenger)
  • Sparco seat bracket and slider
  • Sparco 323 steering wheel
  • Sparco hub and NRG sfi quick release BMW M pedals
  • Street faction rear seat delete
  • Studio RSR 4point cage


  • ACS front lip
  • Carbon rear diffuser
  • Buildjournal front splitter
  • Buildjournal side skirt splitter
  • RS future wing
  • Studio RSR rear strut bar
  • Trackspec motorsports hood vents

Engine / Exhaust

  • Buildjournal tune
  • Custom Aero exhaust
  • Status Grouppe headers