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technical objectives

ferrari 458 italia gt2:

To develop a wheel that provides a big berformance gain of the 458 ITALIA GT2 car within weight and regulation parameters defined by the FIA. Explore the development of exclusive and special aluminum alloys to replace forged magnesium without any comprpmise to weight performance

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technical objectives

ferrari gt challenge:

Develop a race wheel with all the key performance chracteristics developed for the 488 GT3/GT2 but custom made for the Ferrari 488 Challenge application with Pirelli. Aspec wheel for a global one-make series.

technical objectives

ferrari 488 gt3, gt2:

To optimize the usage of resources to supply both specs using a common forging blank, and reach new regulation of minimum weight without sacrifice if stiffness. Focus on a perfect interface with tire suppliers in mounting pressure and anti-de-beading hump desigh. Introduce center nut fix on wheel to improve pit stop tire chnage and aviod damaging the center nut.

technical objectives

ferrari 458 italia gt3:

To deliver in record development and manufacturing time a spec wheel for Ferrari 458 ITALIA GT3. Consididering both optimization of the vehicle dynamics and wheel/tire behaviour to prepare a wheel that met FIA GT3 minimum weight regulatiom while improving handling, reliability and durability.

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